Operations Manager

Real-Time Coordination of Field Operations Across Teams and Assets

Orchestrate staff operations in the field. Enhance operational effectiveness with an overarching framework for your enterprise's pre-mission planning, real-time operations, and post-mission analysis phases. MapLarge Mission Manager solutions support multi-source tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination (TCPED) workflows for actionable intelligence from multi-domain sensors: IoT, unmanned vehicle (UxV), aircraft, and spacecraft. Support hand-held tactical mapping solutions to operators in the field that opportunistically sync with the Operations Center. Deploy configurable IoT solutions, including LTE trackers, and BLE and LoRA beacons to tag, track, and locate mobile assets.

Fleet & Asset Operations

Coordinate mobile teams and assets in real-time with live visibility and tasking. Collect field data with support for low bandwidth and intermittent offline connectivity.

Mission Planning & Ops

Deep support for planning across multiple industries and transit modes, including GPS (Land), AIS (Sea), ADS-B (Air), Space, Indoors, and Subsurface.

Imagery & Sensor Data

Process global scale imagery and sensor data on a platform that rapidly scales to production operations. Open ecosystem compatible with hundreds of streaming sensor formats, data sources and connectors.

Mobile & Edge

Rapid app development for mobile, tablet, laptops, and edge servers including iOS, Android, ATAK, Windows, Linux, Nvidia Jetson, and Raspberry PI.

MapLarge Mission Manager Solutions

  • Commercial Intelligence Portal
  • Multi-Domain ISR
  • Imagery Management
  • Tactical Edge Data Services
  • Field Services System (FSS)
  • Fleet IoT Sensors

Platform for Building Geospatial and IoT Applications