Open Systems Architecture and Building Block Software Components Enables a Faster Transition From R&D to Production Operation

Data Interoperability

Built from the ground up to support low-latency end-to-end workflow execution on multi-sensor commercial and military data feeds to deliver situational awareness to operational users.

Open Standards Geospatial Infrastructure

The open platform allows users to choose best-in-class analytics, overcome inherent tool limitations, and encapsulate tradecraft in workflows. Data science prototyping is accelerated through model-ready analytic tooling with integrations to open source, commercial, and government off-the-shelf tools.

Zero-Trust Architecture

Adapt to dynamic mission environments with a security model enabling tailorable access control across analytics, data, services, and applications.

Vendor Agnostic Flexible Deployments

Deploy on premise, public cloud, hybrid/federated cloud, SaaS hosted, mobile, IoT and via managed service options.


MapLarge’s open APIs, SDKs, and application development kits provide multiple integration channels to extend platform capabilities. MapLarge sits at the end of the CI/CD pipeline; providing the environment where algorithms can access data, perform analytics, and share outputs with Users.

Platform for Building Geospatial and IoT Applications