MapLarge's Global Maritime Domain Awareness Portal provides historic and up-to-date vessel activity patterns, providing both automated and manual analytic capabilities in support of distributed maritime operations.

  • Access 100B+ multi-source AIS messages as 1 km2 traffic density rasters over 10+ Years.
  • Acquire/integrate additional multi-source data.
  • Employ analytics toolkit with ELT and AI tools.
  • Use in disconnected operations on small SWaP-C platforms or scale-up in the cloud..

Enhance Distributed Operations Mission Effectiveness with Global Activity Patterns:

Acquire Multi-Source Analyst-Ready Data

Acquire Multi-Source Analyst-Ready Data

Vendor agnostic solution acquires and integrates stovepiped multiple sensor phenomenology data making it user ready for data export, manual analysis, and automated workflows.

A Government Agency uses MapLarge to provide a public global maritime vessel traffic web-service to disseminate vessel traffic information to the world.

Analyze Activity Patterns and Associated Imagery Products

Analyze Activity Patterns and Associated Imagery Products

Use MapLarge’s out-of-the-box analytics, including a web app Electronic Light Table (ELT) toolkit, to analyze AIS and complementary multi-source data (vector or raster), including EO, SAR, RF, ADS-B, etc.

A Government Agency uses MapLarge to unify and synthesize over 250 different endpoints, with millions of geospatial data objects, into a state-of-the-art user experience to reduce time from analysis to production through a single queryable and accessible service

Automate Analytic Tradecraft in Push-button Workflows

Automate Analytic Tradecraft in Push-button Workflows

Expedite speed-to-mission value by reducing repetitive, time-consuming analytic tasks. Prototype point solutions in MapLarge's workflow builder to grow a catalog of automated capabilities.

A MapLarge Customer uses MapLarge for productization of the data from raw and unprocessed to cleansed and published. The Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) workflow builder tailors the data experience for end-customers. Once the interactive process data flow is defined, future updates require only a push of a button to quickly publish new content.

See Global MDA Portal in Action

Key Features


  • Supports streaming data file formats: XML, JSON, KML, KMZ, CSV, Shapefile, GPX, GeoJSON, and many more.
  • 100s of robust UI components integrate & operate performantly.
  • Multi-model database for fast map rendering and analytics on multiple phenomenology sensor data (EO, IR, SAR, HSI, RF, MTI, GPS, AIS, ADS-B, etc.)
  • Vector, Raster, & Graph Analytics
  • Optionally employ as an ephemeral fast client for rapid visualization of ad hoc federated queries.


  • Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) with zero 3rd-party dependencies - cloud, data, analytic, & visualization agnostic.
  • Platform serves as abstraction layer over multi-structured data warehouses and lakes adding queries, constraints, ACID transactions, & other functionality.
  • Systems/standards supported include OGC WMS/WMTS/WFS, KML/Z, CSV, SQL/ODBC/ADO.NET, File GeoDatabase, Google Map, Bing, Open Layers, Leaflet, QGis, MapBox, ArcGIS, S3, Azure Blob, GCS, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, MQTT, ActiveMQ, & many others.


  • ETL Workflow Builder automates federated queries, import/export, joins, and other operations on geospatial and non-geospatial data.
  • Platform extensible via no-code, low code, & full stack integration points with 100s of performant UI components.
  • Operationalize data science via integrations with Jupyter Notebooks, TensorFlow, ML.Net and PyTorch as well as dozens of other tools and frameworks via customizable secure containers.
  • MapLarge stack can run offline or with intermittent connectivity.

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