Solutions Overview

Industry Applications of the Building Block Approach

MapLarge Solutions deliver operational and mission-critical solutions by leveraging enterprise and external data with performance, integration, and agility to deliver end-to-end machine and human intelligence workflows.

Enterprise Solutions

The MapLarge Platform has been developing side by side with global Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in complex data ecosystems for over a decade. In order to do this efficiently, MapLarge has adopted a building block approach to solution architecture.

Risk Management

A key component of any enterprise or agency operation is risk management and mitigation. Whether you are an insurance provider, manufacturer, or health and safety focused government agency or looking to understand supply chain impacts of a global event; situational analysis, and data-driven real-time responsive understanding can drive better and more accelerated decision making that mitigates risk.

Transportation & Logistics

MapLarge builds complete solutions for some of the world's largest transportation, delivery, and logistics providers.

  • Deliver real-time operational analytics to yard workers.
  • Quickly define and geofence yards to manage individual assets in real-time.
  • Utilize a control tower view to manage multi-model supply chains.
  • Manage warehouse assets with indoor mapping and indoor assets.
  • Create digital twin simulations of indoor asset flows and develop analytics/routing for efficiency.
  • Manage multiple global stakeholder groups and suppliers with dashboard applications.


The Intelligence community has long used geospatial and geotemporal solutions. MapLarge has many solutions in this domain with government entities, as well as in the commercial ISR space. Intelligence Solutions can be complex given a multitude of real-time intelligence sources with edge and limited/disconnected operating environments. Scalable global analytics and MapLarge building blocks come together for end-to-end intelligence solution delivery.

Marketing & Sales

MapLarge enables high resolution real estate analytics  solution space not possible with traditional geospatial software products which can not layer data effectively and generate analytics at scale. Understanding populations, demographics, telematics, and location centric patterns of life are key to creating tailored marketing campaigns, and subsequently measuring success.


Operations solutions are enabled through the use of IoT, environment sensing, enterprise integration, and alerting workflows enabling enterprise solutions to deliver and mitigate risks on the factory floor, or in harsh/variable delivery environments.  

Real-Time Monitoring and Indoor Mapping,  combined with digital twin simulation, can also deliver enhanced solutions for safety, quality assurance, compliance, and efficiency of design in operations.

Build Your Own

MapLarge is the backbone for several industry vertical data marketplaces, which not only allow enterprises to access and govern data across their enterprise, but also to monetize that data through customer-facing applications with integrated checkout features for reporting. 

With the distributed database building block, and enterprise integrations, MapLarge enables rapid workflows and application development for both internal/operational and external/customer enterprise applications in a no-code environment. This allows accelerated speed to value across the organization.