MapLarge Platform Overview

Build Scalable Applications with MapLarge Application Building Blocks

MapLarge is a rapid application development platform that is composed of reusable components that can be used by no code (business users), low code (data scientists) and pro code (full stack developers) to build or extend applications.

  • Intuitive Web-Based Application
  • Rapid Applications Prebuilt & Templated
  • Easy Development: No Code, Low Code & Pro Code
  • Hundreds of Interactive Maps and Visualizations
  • Scale to Support Millions of Concurrent Users and Trillions of Records
  • Reusable Components Allow Rapid Reconfiguration

Rapid Application Development

Move Quickly from Data to Production

Building Blocks

MapLarge building blocks empower enterprise users to develop end-to-end workflow solutions to adapt to rapidly changing operations. Customers may leverage their existing infrastructure and incorporate stakeholder feedback to develop new use cases and applications, increasing speed-to-value by operationalizing R&D initiatives at scale. The MapLarge platform’s 12 core building block features sets help facilitate the rapid prototyping and production deployment of geospatial, geotemporal, and IoT capabilities.

Platform for Building Geospatial and IoT Applications