Oil and Gas

Improve resource development and operational efficiency through identification, evaluation, and optimization solutions for operators and service companies seeking a competitive edge.

Subsurface & Asset Performance

Characterize the reservoir in multiple dimensions and leverage powerful analytics to assess the operational and financial implications of drilling at a variety of different locations.

Production Surveillance

Integrate historical and real-time production data with field expectations to optimize the performance of existing wells.

Land Management

Weigh existing land inventory against a variety of development scenarios to plan future acquisitions and minimize land maintenance costs.

Field Service Management

Coordinate activities across thousands of well sites in real-time and employ advanced routing and tasking algorithms to maximize operational performance.

Transportation Management

Optimize the movement of personnel, materials, and assets to and from well sites.

Dynamically plan transportation schedules and view near real-time location of objects across vast geographic operating areas.

Platform for Building Geospatial and IoT Applications