Data Portal

Securely Share Your Organization's Geospatial Content With High Performance at Scale

Increase data accessibility, improve data quality and enhance collaboration with single-point access to diverse enterprise data. The MapLarge Data Portal empowers users to connect to data wherever it resides, including traditional relational databases, NoSQL databases and file systems. Use SQL-like syntax for quick analytics on relational data or query non-relational data using graph queries, key-value searches or document searches. Extend analytics to more diverse data such as unstructured text and images using text mining and computer vision algorithms. Avoid data silos resulting from disparate data formats, inconsistent semantics and incompatible schemas by accessing all enterprise data with a single application.

Publish and Share

Create reports and interactive briefing products, monitor real-time operational metrics, or share your analysis as dynamic interactive dashboards or as live data API services.

Reporting & Templates

Rapidly create and publish reports with flexible no code/low code drag-and-drop report builders and scripting APIs for automation.

ETL Data Blending

Automated data preparation, blending, and analytics. Drag-and-drop analytics for GIS, MS Excel, databases, and more. Low-code / No-code Data Science. Automate analytic processes with hundreds of tools and formats.

Scalable & Secure

Deploy on premise, hybrid cloud, or SaaS with mission critical uptime SLAs and enterprise grade security. Scale to millions of users and trillions of records.

MapLarge Data Portal Solutions

  • Enterprise Imagery and Raster Data Management
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • Traceability and Data Lineage
  • Federated Publishing
  • ISO Standardized Metadata
  • OGC Compatible Services and Endpoints

Platform for Building Geospatial and IoT Applications