Determine the Ideal Location for Brick and Mortar Retail Sites and Tailor Marketing Campaigns to Specific Demographic Areas Using Advanced Spatial Analytics

Track shipments, manage inventory, and create digital twin environments to optimize customer flow and reduce shrinkage.

Yard Management

Manage inventory flow through warehouse yards and retail loading docks by tracking the location of every asset, integrating real-time spatial data with warehouse management, ERP and POS systems.

Warehouse Management

Track the real-time movement of goods through a digital twin warehouse environment using fully configurable beacons and trackers to optimize inventory flow.

Loss Prevention

Analyze historical data to determine which products are most likely to be shoplifted, use computer vision to identify suspicious behavior, and identify the best location for security cameras with 3D viewshed analyses.

Indoor Mapping

Optimize store layouts by mapping customer, employee and product movement through a digital twin retail environment.

Site Selection

Weigh prospective location data against a variety of consumer spending, demographic and competitor data to determine the ideal store location.

Targeted Marketing

Develop data-driven marketing strategies by dynamically filtering spatial demographic and consumer spending data to identify key audiences.

Territory Management

Balance multiple spatial and demographic parameters to create balanced, contiguous sales territories.

Platform for Building Geospatial and IoT Applications