Aerospace and Defense

Integrate and Automate Exploitation of Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) from Streaming Multi-Domain/Multi-INT Sensor Data for Increased Mission Effectiveness

Multi-Domain Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) Mission Planning & Execution

Coordinate tasking and collection across ISR assets in all domains in the pre-mission, live ops, and post-mission phases.

Commercial Intel Portal

A 100% COTS (Non-ITAR) intelligence solution to securely coordinate intelligence activities among US, Allied, and International Mission Partners.

Geospatial Exploitation

Derive intelligence and share knowledge on geospatial products in a collaborative production pipeline for target development.

Multi-INT Fusion & Forensic Discovery

Build automated analytic workflows on motion imagery and complementary Multi-INT data for spatial, temporal, and graph exploitation.

Tactical Field Ops

Service-enable streaming Big Data to field users on mobile ATAK and Hololens devices in support of connected, intermittent, and DDIL operations.

Tag, Track, & Locate

An integrated software/hardware IoT solution to localize RF emissions of interest and maintain a common operating picture among collaborators.

Combat Maneuver and Mobility

Wide-area route optimization and navigation over developed/undeveloped terrain incorporating topography and other mobility LIMFACs.

Defense Supply Chain & Logistics

Secure Digital Twin with KPI, alerts, and dynamic re-planning based on environmental risks, hazards, disruptions, and constraints.

Quick Reaction Capability Prototyping

Rapid prototyping platform to deploy AI and machine learning apps scripted in R, Python, & Node on production scale mission data.

Platform for Building Geospatial and IoT Applications