Automated Commercial Data Workflows Providing Ops-Ready Intel for Tactical Users

MapLarge's open standards platform provides a vendor-agnostic, high performance geospatial technology stack integrating diverse commercial space products for one-stop tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination (TCPED). Expedite actionable intelligence from space-based sensors to tactical users on any platform or device.

  • Activity-model alerts and sensor tip & cue.
  • Federated tasking & search among vendors.
  • Automated ISR analytics tool suite.
  • Ready for use in tactical mobile gear, i.e., TAK.
  • No ITAR restrictions for Mission Partners.

Deliver Integrated Commercial Multi-source Intelligence for All Mission Users

Unify Commercial Data Archival & Tasking Access in a Common Interface

Unify Commercial Data Archival & Tasking Access in a Common Interface

COTS TRL 9 solution integrates stovepiped vendors into a common framework, spanning pre-mission planning, live operations, and post-mission PED for collaboration among ISR Ops/Intel stakeholders.

A Government Agency uses MapLarge to unify and synthesize over 250 different endpoints, with millions of geospatial data objects, into a state-of-the-art user experience to reduce time from analysis to production through a single queryable and accessible service.

Automate TCPED Workflows from Activity Detection to Product Dissemination

Automate TCPED Workflows from Activity Detection to Product Dissemination

Derive intelligence from integrated multi-sensor (RF, AIS, EO, OPIR, LiDAR, SAR, HSI, OSINT, etc.) data, streams, data lakes, and data stores with performant ingest, query, transforms, analytics, and visualizations.

MapLarge supports the world's largest online subsurface seismic data marketplace enabling provisioning, data governance, system state, and brokering services across all of the first, second, or third-party systems participating.

Accelerate Intel to Airborne, Maritime, & Ground Tactical Operations Users

Accelerate Intel to Airborne, Maritime, & Ground Tactical Operations Users

Expedite validated data and products to tactical users on mobile handheld, forward PED, and Airborne ISR deployments, including Denied, Disrupted, Intermittent, and Limited-bandwidth (DDIL) ops support.

A MapLarge program provides a compromised asset interdiction suite (software + custom IoT hardware) for Federal/State Law Enforcement to combat cyber financial crimes in the field.

See Commercial Intelligence Operations Platform in Action

Key Features


  • Multi-model database with in-memory fast cache for quick map rendering and analytics on multiple phenomenology sensor data (EO, IR, SAR, HSI, RF, MTI, GPS, AIS, ADS-B, etc.)
  • Supports streaming data file formats: XML, JSON, KML, KMZ, CSV, Shapefile, GPX, GeoJSON, and many more.
  • Support for 2D/3D moving map display. Support for vector data layers: point, line, polygon, cluster, & network graph. Support for raster data layers: gridded binary data, NetCDF, ESRI Grid Float, ESRI ADF, NEXRAD, and delimited XYZ files.
  • Turn-by-turn directions for public and private roads, trails, and off-road routing over/around topographic features.
  • Low latency event bus for real-time use cases, serves sub-second updates to the display.


  • Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) with zero 3rd-party dependencies - cloud, data, analytic, & visualization platform agnostic.
  • Order archive data or initiate new collection via multi-vendor Tasking APIs
  • TAK Plugin provides 2-way sync with Common Ops Picture, providing data layer and analytic outputs directly to TAK devices with dynamic updates.
  • Systems/standards supported include OGC WMS/WMTS/WFS, KML/Z, CSV, SQL/ODBC/ADO.NET, File GeoDatabase, Google Map, Bing, Open Layers, Leaflet, QGis, MapBox, ArcGIS, S3, Azure Blob, GCS, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, MQTT, ActiveMQ, & many others.
  • Platform serves as abstraction layer over multi-structured data warehouses and lakes adding queries, constraints, ACID transactions, & other functionality.


  • ETL Workflow Notebooks automates federated queries, import/export, joins, and other operations on geospatial and non-geospatial data.
  • Platform extensible via no-code, low code, & full stack integration points with 100s of performant UI components.
  • Operationalize data science via integrations with Jupyter Notebooks, TensorFlow, ML.Net and PyTorch as well as dozens of other tools and frameworks via customizable secure containers.
  • MapLarge stack can run offline or with intermittent connectivity.
  • Maintain data source provenance via table versioning and network traversal cataloging, serving as a ledger for manual or automated security policies.
  • Dynamic classification, redaction, sourcing, and confidence functions applied to product workflows.

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