MapLarge's ISR Mission Manager provides a collaborative mission orchestration framework for multi-domain operations by integrating multi-sensor data in automated tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination (TCPED) workflows.

  • Build real-world operational scenarios.
  • Simulate, optimize, & execute the mission.
  • Rapidly prototype & field new solutions.
  • Fasttrack data & services dissemination.
  • No ITAR restrictions for Mission Partners.

Enhance Mission Readiness & Effectiveness Across ISR Mission Stakeholders

Bring Together Any Data Analyitcs & Visualizations in Workflows

Bring Together Any Data, Analytics, & Visualizations in Workflows

COTS TRL 9 solution integrates stovepiped vendors into a common framework, spanning pre-mission planning, live operations, and post-mission PED for collaboration among ISR Ops/Intel stakeholders.

A Government Agency uses MapLarge to unify and synthesize over 250 different endpoints, with millions of geospatial data objects, into a state-of-the-art user experience to reduce time from analysis to production through a single queryable and accessible service.

Automate Real-time Ops with RF Edge Processing

Automate Real-time Ops with RF Edge Processing

Integrate multi-sensor data streams with performant ingest, query, and on-the-fly transforms. Run the MapLarge App stack on small SWaP-C devices; pipe collected data to enterprise lakes when connected.

A Global Aircraft Engine Supplier and growing list of International Airlines use the MapLarge Platform for flight optimization to improve safety and efficiency.

Accelerate Data to Tactical and Airborne Ops

Accelerate Data to Tactical and Airborne Ops

Expedite validated data and products to tactical users via mobile handheld, forward PED, and Airborne ISR deployments, including support for intermittent, disrupted, and disconnected operations.

A MapLarge program provides a compromised asset interdiction suite (software + custom IoT hardware) for Federal/State Law Enforcement to combat cyber financial crimes in the field.

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Key Features


  • Supports streaming data file formats: XML, JSON, KML, KMZ, CSV, Shapefile, GPX, GeoJSON, and many more.
  • Low latency (< 1 sec), high throughput event bus for real-time use cases.
  • Multi-model database for fast map rendering and analytics on multiple phenomenology sensor data (EO, IR, SAR, HSI, RF, MTI, GPS, AIS, ADS-B, etc.)
  • Optionally employ as an ephemeral fast client for rapid visualization of ad hoc federated queries.


  • Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) with zero 3rd-party dependencies - cloud, data, analytic, & visualization agnostic.
  • Platform serves as abstraction layer over multi-structured data warehouses and lakes adding queries, constraints, ACID transactions, & other functionality.
  • Systems/standards supported include OGC WMS/WMTS/WFS, KML/Z, CSV, SQL/ODBC/ADO.NET, File GeoDatabase, Google Map, Bing, Open Layers, Leaflet, QGis, MapBox, ArcGIS, S3, Azure Blob, GCS, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, MQTT, ActiveMQ, & many others.


  • ETL Workflow Builder automates federated queries, import/export, joins, and other operations on geospatial and non-geospatial data.
  • Platform extensible via no-code, low code, & full stack integration points with 100s of performant UI components
  • Operationalize data science via integrations with Jupyter Notebooks, TensorFlow, ML.Net and PyTorch as well as dozens of other tools and frameworks via customizable secure containers.
  • MapLarge stack can run offline or with intermittent connectivity.

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