MapLarge LoRa Beacon

With a range of up to 15 kilometers the MapLarge LoRa Beacon can reach further into difficult to cover indoor or remote areas with limited cellular or wifi coverage. Track the location of assets, personnel and products at greater distances with the MapLarge LoRa beacon. LoRa (Long Range Radio) is a wireless protocol explicitly designed for long-range connectivity and low-power communications, which translates into longer range and lower power consumption. The MapLarge LoRa Beacon is a small, ruggedized sensing device designed for seamless integration with the MapLarge software platform. The device comes configured with onboard motion, temperature, humidity and light sensors as well as an advanced magnetic sensor used to monitor door and window contacts. The beacon can be automatically detected by any device running the MapLarge mobile app, or by a nearby MapLarge Asset Tracker running in gateway mode. MapLarge LoRa Beacons may also be configured in a mesh network using LoRaWAN mesh technology.

Certified Ruggedization

The MapLarge LoRa Beacon has been engineered from the ground up to provide maintenance free uninterrupted operation in the most demanding operational environments. The beacon is protected by a UV & Chemical Resistant Outdoor All Weather Polycarbonate case and has been tested and certified for:

  • Water Resistance: WR50
  • Ingress Protection: IP68 & IP69K
  • Drop & Shock Resistance: MIL-STD 810G-516.6
  • Vibration Resistance: MIL-STD 810H
  • Electrical Safety: Intrinsically Safe (IS)
  • UL Listing: UL rating for hazardous locations (Class I, Division 2)

Over-The-Air Upgradable

The MapLarge LoRa Beacon’s logic and firmware can be updated over Bluetooth through the MapLarge mobile app to adapt to changing requirements, implement improved logic, or to be restasked for a new purpose as needed.

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