Control Tower

Global Real-Time Visibility Across All Activities and Risks in Your Organization

Drive operational value by connecting people, products and assets to location-based risk analytics through immersive digital twin environments. MapLarge Control Tower solutions provide a full suite of monitoring and alerting tools for operations management. From simple GPS tracking devices to sophisticated software platforms, we offer a solution that meets your needs. Our solutions allow you to track assets in real-time, receive alerts when assets move, generate detailed usage reports, and more.

Asset Visibility

See all your assets in real-time including fixed and mobile assets. Scales to millions of real-time moving objects.

Weather and Hazards

Visualize real-time weather and hazards and see how they impact your assets.

Alerts & Notifications

Mission critical real-time alerts and notifications on desktop, mobile, or via API automations.

Back Office to Field Collaboration

Receive data and status from mobile field crews and send them tasks.

MapLarge Control Tower Solutions

  • Yard Management System
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Transportation Management System
  • Real Time Transportation Visibility and Fleet Management
  • Threat Detection & Assessment

Platform for Building Geospatial and IoT Applications