Utilities & Power

Use Advanced Geospatial Analytics to Manage Utility Assets Throughout Their Lifecycle.

Identify likely future outages and optimize field operations to improve efficiency, reduce restoration times and lower costs.

Risk Assessment

Assess the risk posed to infrastructure by evaluating the potential for natural disasters and man-made threats.

Field Service Management

Manage field service operations and personnel more effectively. Improve response times by automating and integrating key processes such as work order management, scheduling, dispatching, routing, time tracking, and invoicing.

Territory Management

Optimize resource allocation and improve response times by creating balanced, contiguous territories using a variety of spatial clustering techniques.

Disaster Monitoring & Response

Monitor weather patterns and infrastructure conditions to determine the likelihood of outages and plan and coordinate responses to optimize field operations.

Site Selection

Determine the optimal location of yards, staging areas and other assets by simultaneously evaluating a variety of demographic and operational metrics.

Platform for Building Geospatial and IoT Applications