Automated Commercial Data Workflows Providing Ops-Ready Intel for Tactical Users

MapLarge's Tactical Edge Data Services delivers multi-source data and capabilities from the enterprise-connected Operations Center to disconnected field users on any mobile tactical device, mission system, or unattended sensor in any Warfighting domain.

  • Runs on small SWaP-C & tactical mobile systems.
  • Disconnected & intermittently-connected Ops support.
  • Push-button apps for actionable intelligence.
  • Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA).
  • Extensible for Quick Reaction Capabilities RDT&E.
  • No ITAR restrictions for Mission Partner collaboration.

Enhance Mission Readiness & Effectiveness at the Tactical Edge

Sync Common Operational Picture with Forward Deploying Teams

Sync Common Operational Picture with Forward Deploying Teams

Integrate stovepiped multi-source enterprise data and services into a shared pre-mission planning and simulation environment. Preload mission data package in tactical gear and mission systems.

A Government Agency uses MapLarge to unify and synthesize over 250 different endpoints, with millions of geospatial data objects, into a state-of-the-art user experience to reduce time from analysis to productionthrough a single queryable and accessible service.

Drive Live Operations on Edge Nodes and Air-Gapped Mission Systems

Drive Live Operations on Edge Nodes and Air-Gapped Mission Systems

Run the same MapLarge App stack on small SWaP-C devices such as TAK, UAS, Forward PED, and Airborne/Maritime ISR deployments. Access enterprise services and pipe edge collected data to lakes and stores when intermittently connected.

A customer deployed MapLarge's route-optimization app on ruggedized tablets to support intermittently-connected field technicians access to broad-area fixed sensor array, accident/incident reporting, and weather. Field operators formed nodes of the network, collectively providing input to optimize the team's planning and routing for safety and productivity.

Support Disconnected Ops with Push-Button Maneuver & Infil/Exfil Routing

Support Disconnected Ops with Push-Button Maneuver & Infil/Exfil Routing

Expedite validated data and capabilities to tactical users on mobile handheld devices, including support for intermittently-connected, disrupted, disconnected, and limited bandwidth (DDIL) operations. Push-button plugins provide intelligent viewshed, terrain, and objective-based routing.

A MapLarge program provides a compromised asset interdiction suite (software + custom IoT hardware) for Federal/State Law Enforcement to combat cyber financial crimes in the field.

See Tactical Edge Data Services in Action

Key Features


  • Multi-model database with in-memory fast cache for quick map rendering and analytics on multiple phenomenology sensor data (EO, IR, SAR, HSI, RF, MTI, GPS, AIS, ADS-B, etc.)
  • Supports streaming data file formats: XML, JSON, KML, KMZ, CSV, Shapefile, GPX, GeoJSON, and many more.
  • Support for 2D/3D moving map display.
  • Support for vector data layers: point, line, polygon, cluster, & network graph.
  • Support for raster data layers: gridded binary data, NetCDF, ESRI Grid Float, & ESRI ADF, NEXRAD, and delimited XYZ files.
  • Turn-by-turn directions for public and private roads, trails, and off-road routing over/around topographic features.
  • Low latency event bus for real-time use cases, serves sub-second updates to the display.


  • Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) with zero 3rd-party dependencies - cloud, data, analytic, & visualization platform agnostic.
  • Order archive data or initiate new collection via multi-vendor Tasking APIs.
  • TAK Plugin provides 2-way sync with Common Ops Picture, providing data layer and analytic outputs directly to TAK devices with dynamic updates.
  • Systems/standards supported include OGC WMS/WMTS/WFS, KML/Z, CSV, SQL/ODBC/ADO.NET, File GeoDatabase, Google Map, Bing, Open Layers, Leaflet, QGis, MapBox, ArcGIS, S3, Azure Blob, GCS, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, MQTT, ActiveMQ, & many others.
  • Platform serves as abstraction layer over multi-structured data warehouses and lakes adding queries, constraints, ACID transactions, & other functionality.


  • ETL Workflow Notebooks automates federated queries, import/export, joins, and other operations on geospatial and non-geospatial data.
  • Platform extensible via no-code, low code, & full-stack integration points with 100s of performant UI components.
  • Operationalize data science via integrations with Jupyter Notebooks, TensorFlow, ML.Net and PyTorch as well as dozens of other tools and frameworks via customizable secure containers.
  • MapLarge stack can run offline or with intermittent connectivity.
  • Maintain data source provenance via table versioning and network traversal cataloging, serving as a ledger for manual or automated security policies.
  • Dynamic classification, redaction, sourcing, and confidence functions applied to product workflows.

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