Importing and Managing Tables

The MapLarge API allows authorized users to import data files to an account using HTTP requests. The created tables are managed through requests that include setting up auto imports, listing table meta data, deletingand exporting. Every imported table has a version, but subsequent versions are only created when new tables are imported with existing table names. By default, the most recently imported version is set as the active table.

Table Versions and Active Tables

Table Versions: Every time a table is created it is given a version, example: 635561654609964665. Most tables have only one version and are the active table.

When a new table is imported with the same name as an existing table, a new version of the table is created. Timestamps are used for each version. By default, the most recent table version is set as the active version.

Active Table: Only one version of a table can be set to active.  When there are multiple versions of a table, the most recent version defaults to active unless otherwise specified. Using the short name of a table: account/tablename, will always return the active table. To request a specific version of a table, the long table name must be used: account/tablename/version

Table Functions
Function Description
CreateTableSynchronous Creates table synchronously based on file URL.
CreateTableWithFilesSynchronous Creates a table with supplied file upload post and will populate table.
DeleteTable Permanently delete existing table from the server.
DeleteAllVersions Deletes all versions of a table's history and the table.
ExportTable Exports database to a file and returns the location of the file for download.
GetActiveTableID Gets active table by ID.
GetTableVersions Returns list of table versions with some meta data.
GetAllTables Gets all tables active and inactive.
GetActiveTables Gets all active sables.
GetTableInformation Gets table meta data and column types takes in the full table name and version.
SetTableVisibility Sets table visibility: Public, Private, PublicUnlisted.
CreateAutoImport Creates an auto import that will grab a file and import it into a table.
EditAutoImport Used to edit an existing import that has already be created.
DeleteAutoImport Permanently removes auto import from the server.
ForceRunImport Forces an import to run.
ListAutoImport List all existing automatic imports.