Creating an Automatic Import

The CreateAutoImport function is used to create an automatically recurring data import. Once the automatic import is scheduled, the server will pull the file from a specified remote URL at given intervals and a new version of the table will be created. Automatic imports are created by administrators.



mluser string Username - always in email form.
mltoken -or- mlpass string MapLarge generated auth token -or- the password for the mluser account.
account string Account that will own the tables created by the autoimport.
importName alpha-numeric string Name of automatic import.
tableName alpha-numeric string Table name for tables imported with the autoimport.
updateFrequency int Time interval for how often to run automatic import. Value is in minutes and must be a minimum of 5.
remoteUrl string A remote URL that includes file name and extension. The file is uploaded directly to the server without having to be downloaded to a local computer.
description string Desciption of the automated imort.
versionsToKeep int The number of previous versions of the table to keep. Default is 0 which is the three most recent versions.
authUrl string URL to send authentication request before downloading file.
authPostData string Data that will be sent with the authentication request. Data will be sent as a POST request.


*Either a token or password can be used in any request where authentication is required.


    "id": "60b662216ff548799fc9166db4439f2e",
    "hash": null,
    "success": true,
    "isCached": false,
    "authorized": true,
    "errors": [],
    "timestamp": 1420568625,
    "data": null,
    "autoimportid": 7,
    "table": "test/Icons"


autoimportid long The ID of the newly created autoimport.
table string Short table name: account/tablename