Create and populate a table with supplied file upload post. The file to be uploaded must be contained in the body of the request.



mluser string Username - always in email form.
mltoken -or- mlpass string MapLarge generated auth token -or- the password for the mluser account.
account string Account that will have ownership of the table. See “ListAccounts” to find account details.
tableName alphanumeric string Name of the new table. If a table with the same name already exists, a new table version will be created. At a minimum, MapLarge will keep the three most recent versions of the table.
  • No spaces or special characters
  • Unique identifier
append string[] Data will be appended to the specified table: true or false
primaryKeyColumn string A column name used when performing appends to identify unique records.
visability string Public, Private, or PublicUnlisted. Visibility values are case-sensitive. See Table Visibility for more details.


*Either a token or password can be used in any request where authentication is required.


    "id": "65325aca704a4aef833eb15f5a75e83a",
    "hash": null,
    "success": true,
    "isCached": false,
    "authorized": true,
    "errors": [],
    "timestamp": 1420568662,
    "data": null,
    "tables": [
            "id": "test/testtableA5345/635561654609964665",
            "acctcode": "test",
            "name": "testtableA5345",
            "version": 635561654609964700,
            "longTableId": "test/testtableA5345/635561654609964665",
            "description": null,
            "created": "1/6/2015 6:24:20 PM",
            "visibility": "Private",
            "isactive": true,
            "inram": false,
            "columns": [
                    "id": "test/testtableA5345/635561654609964665/testtableA5345",
                    "type": "Poly",
                    "created": "1/6/2015 6:24:21 PM"
                    "id": "test/testtableA5345/635561654609964665/CENTROIDLAT",
                    "type": "Double",
                    "created": "1/6/2015 6:24:21 PM"
                    "id": "test/testtableA5345/635561654609964665/CENTROIDLNG",
                    "type": "Double",
                    "created": "1/6/2015 6:24:21 PM"
                    "id": "test/testtableA5345/635561654609964665/year",
                    "type": "Int32",
                    "created": "1/6/2015 6:24:21 PM"


Tables[].id string Long table name of the newly created table: account/tablename/version
Tables[].acctcode string Account
Tables[].name string Table name
Tables[].longTableId string Long table name: account/tablename/version
Tables[].version long Table version: 635561654609964665
Tables[].description string Table description
Tables[].created datetime Date and time created
Tables[].visibility string Visibility of table. Values: Public, PublicUnlistd, Private
Table[].inram boolean Is database currently in Ram: true or false
Table[].Columns[] JSON List of columns and meta data
Columns[].id string Long column name: account/tablename/version/columnname
Columns[].type string Data type
Columns[].created datetime Date and time column created
Note: This is a POST and might be used in a multi part web form with file upload button.