Delete a Table Version

Permanently delete a single table version from an account. If the version being deleted is set to active and there is more than one version, the most recent version will become the active table. Saved maps using a table version that has been deleted will no longer display the table data. To permanently delete all versions of a table use the DeleteAllVersions function.

Understanding table versions: When a table is uploaded to the server with a unique name it becomes the first version of the table. If a second table is uploaded with the same name, there will now be two versions of the table and by default the most recent version is set to active.



mluser string Username - always in email form.
mltoken -or- mlpass string MapLarge generated auth token -or- the password for the mluser account.
longTableId string The long table name of the table version to be deleted: account/tablename/version


*Either a token or password can be used in any request where authentication is required.


    "id": "acc8d4fff46948d3b8ee879106ea59ec",
    "hash": null,
    "success": true,
    "isCached": false,
    "authorized": true,
    "errors": [],
    "timestamp": 1420568655,
    "data": null