Enhance User Experiences & Interactions • Save Development Time • Thematic Maps and Heat Maps of Big Data
Interactive map with hover and click popups


Experience incredibly fast loading online maps and analytics with MapLarge. Complex shapes with millions of vertices can be uploaded and displayed in seconds. Rendering a nationwide map of 74 thousand census tracts as a detailed visualization means the rendering engine has to draw 16 million vertices as well as the data. MapLarge is designed to render this magnitude of data dynamically on-the-fly.


More interactive map features lead to increased customer interaction.

  • Balloons Pop Up when a user clicks
  • Shapes highlight and display information when a user hovers the mouse over the shape
  • Include detailed demographics for locations
  • Map searches
  • Filter data
Customize map elements including shapes, icons, balloon data


The MapLarge API and map tools allow you to customize maps for impressive presentation and to suit the needs of your users. Dynamic insight improves analysis and decision making.

  • Customize and style balloon content
  • Customize size, coloring and styling of shapes
  • Customize the size, shape and color of icons
  • Use custom images for icons
  • Customize the styling of list data associated with the map


Giving users the capability to search the map leads to longer interactions. Unlike many maps that only offer static content, MapLarge users can explore the map for data that meets their needs.

  • Map Searches take only a few seconds even if the dataset has millions of records
  • Search for map items that meet user criteria
  • Full text search capability


1. Streamlined Integration
Save Development Time with MapLarge

Provide your Data (Shapefiles, DBF, or CSV files) to our API; MapLarge analyzes the data and creates a map; Embed a few lines of code in your HTML to share the map online with your users.

2. Hosted Solution
Minimizes your configuration to just a few lines of code. MapLarge provides the horsepower to deliver a scalable mapping solution.
3. Mobile Ready

We can easily enable your mobile applications with the same high performance mapping application.

4. Customization

Customize the map design with minimal HTML and Javascript. MapLarge's mapping software can custom design the mapping application to your business's specifications.


1. Big Data

Users will benefit from the maps API whether they have thousands or millions of points or shapes. Our scalable solution can handle virtually any sized dataset or traffic load.

2. Thematic Mapping

You can see your data thematically mapped to polygons including Zip Code, Census Geography or your own custom territories and shapes. Users can search your data for patterns and MapLarge will dynamically redraw the color shading to represent the query result.