The MapLarge Name-Value Pair API allows a user to remotely make changes to their account, groups, users, table resources, or permissions. Most API requests are sent using GET parameters through the URL, and all responses will return a JSON formatted string, optionally wrapped in a JSONP style callback function. Generally, users of this API are using it for server to server communication but it can also be used to create client side UI widgets.

Making Requests

Request URLs are determined by the action you want to invoke. Most API calls live in http://my.maplarge.com/Remote/

Example: CreateTable invocation: http://my.maplarge.com/Remote/CreateTable?GET-VARIABLES

Every request sent to the API is required to have three parameters for authentication purposes. There is also an optional callback parameter that will signal to the API to return in JSONP.


Parameter Description Type Required
mluser Username - always in an email format. string
mlpass -or- mltoken Either the password for the mluser account or the MapLarge generated auth token for the client profile. string
callback The function in which to wrap the JSON return data. string  
customid A custom ID provided by the calling script that will be returned in the response. string  

Responses will be returned as a JSON formatted string, with an optional callback wrapper for JSONP requests.


Parameter Description Type Required
success Whether this action was successful in its task. false
id A unique 128-bit hexadecimal value that identifies this action. Length 32. string
errors A list of any errors encountered in the execution of this action. string[ ]
timestamp Integer “linux-style” timestamp. Time is in UTC. long

Note: Any errors in one part of an API call will cause the action to fail in its entirety and no changes will be made.