Function Signature Return Value Explanation
center.get() {lat: float, lng: float} Get the current center point latitude and longitude.
center.setLL(lat: float, lng: float) Map Object Set the current center point using latitude and longitude.
clearAllLayers() void Hides all visible layers.
click(LatLng,bool ignoreMotion) void Fire a click event at a specific location, and optionally, ignore the click if the map is moving.
Example:{ lat:34, lng: -84});
closeBalloon() void Close the balloon.
hover(LatLng ll, bool ignoreMotion) void Trigger a hover event over the map at a specific location and optionally ignore the event if the map is moving.
openBalloon(LatLng ll, String/Element html); void Opens a balloon at the specified coordinates {lat:#, lng:#} and with the specified content which can be either a literal string or an HTML element.
setBounds(LatLng sw, LatLng ne) void Centers and zooms the map to fit the area specified by the specified Southwest and Northeast corners latitude and longitude.
getVisibleBB() {minLat: float, maxLat: float, minLng: float, maxLng: float}; Returns the lat/lng coordinates for the visible map area.
zoom.get() / .set(Int32 zoom) void Zoom the map to a specific level. Valid values are from 0-22.
getInternalMap() Google, ESRI or Leaflet Map Object Returns the internal map API object. Type will vary based on the API in use.
save() Map state in JSON form This map JSON can be passed in to our Map constructor to recreate the map.  
zoomToExtents() void Zoom to extents will set the center and zoom to values that will show all layers datasets.