The map object holds the map initialization variables/options.
Property Type Default Explanation
lat Double 34 A floating point value between -90 and 90.
lng Double -90 A floating point value -180 and 180.
z Integer 4 An integer between 0 and 22.
api String LEAFLET The provider of the map API. Must be one of "GOOGLE", "LEAFLET", "ESRI"
Note - API is case sensitive.
layers Array [ ] An array of layer options. All layers not flagged as hidden will be added to the map and shown.
drawings Array [ ] The drawings property allows you to specify one or more drawings that will be displayed on the map. The Drawing Properties Table lists the properties that can be used to define a drawing.
drawingTools Boolean false  
fixedTooltip Boolean false  
advancedToolTip Boolean false  
advancedBalloon Boolean false  
baseLayer String    
baseLayerColor String    
viewportScalable Boolean true Control page zoom for touch devices.
searchBox Boolean true MapLarge built in search feature is displayed.
onSearchResult callback null This callback function will tap into searchBox code and return the search result values.
drawingToolsHidden Boolean true If set to false, all the drawing tools available for use on the map will be displayed.
Note- you must specify a drawing if you set drawingToolsHidden to false;
drawingEditingEnabled Boolean false If set to true drawings on screen are editable. Setting drawingToolsHidden to false changes the drawingEditingEnabled default to true.  This must be set to false if drawing tools are enabled but user should not be able to edit the map.