Captivate your audience with professional quality interactive maps and dynamic analytics. Bring large scale data to life in minutes with user friendly online mapping tools designed to showcase valuable consumer information. Integrate with your existing system and improve both internal and external communication, learn more about existing and potential markets, target new customers, and provide in-depth visualization and analysis to facilitate reliable decision making and spur business growth.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Combine computer technology with spatial analysis techniques for a powerful information framework capable of driving better business intelligence, activity, and performance. MapLarge provides an ideal easy to use platform for customized market analysis and penetration, promotional and real time communication, high volume publishing, and geo-demographic research for niche advertising. Use colorful multilayered maps, charts, and reports to highlight key insights and build consumer confidence in your brand or business. Generate “wow” moments with Best in Class consumer grade interactives that present your data and ideas in a compelling format that allows users to drill into the data and develop a deeper understanding.
Practical Application Uses
  • Viral Marketing / Brand Awareness
  • User Engagement / Increased Dwell time
  • Determine emerging markets
  • Data Publishing & Sharing
  • Optimize promotional programs
  • Identify and analyze consumer segments
  • Recognize patterns and trends among your customer base
  • Forecast Sales
  • Financial modeling
  • Enterprise resource planning