Effectively leverage real time, big data with vibrant and intuitive maps, reports, and dashboards to extract key insights about your network. Implement a cloud based, comprehensive GIS solution to create innovative network data models, dynamic segmentation, and linear reference systems for strategic planning and profitable application.
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Turn Insight into Action
Identify patterns, locate trends in performance, optimize routing, and share information with millions of users simultaneously using MapLarge's high performance, geospatial platform. The MapLarge API is drop in compatible with existing mapping solutions and the system can be used on any desktop, mobile, or tablet device. Enhance intelligent decision making, operational efficiency and customer experience with advanced web based visualizations and more meaningful metrics and analytics available to all levels of your organization.
Network MapNetwork Graph
Practical Application Uses
  • Traffic modeling
  • Resource and territory allocation
  • Route selection and facility location
  • Define service areas
  • Insight into network capacity and usage to improve design
  • Detect, address, and prevent network outages
  • Statistical analysis
  • Trend Projection
  • Parameter-based predictive modeling