Optimize your fleet management with high performance web mapping tools and detailed reports providing real-time information and intelligent predictive analytics. Process and display big data in seconds to create an accurate picture of your current operations and to help improve efficiency, eliminate logistic problems, and to drive future decision making in a dynamic industry.
Powerful and Flexible Capabilities
A sophisticated mapping environment can help your business properly analyze relevant operational and financial data and effectively implement cost saving solutions. Positively impact operations by reducing driver idle time, identifying capacity issues and delays, improving global and local navigation, and meeting customer demands for reliable service. MapLarge provides a user friendly customizable platform compatible with all devices. Display interactive maps, dashboards, charts and reports for your fleet operators, analysts, and executives to facilitate intelligent exploration and collaboration. By providing key players the technology tools necessary to understand, evaluate, and problem solve, you can maximize operations and investment at all levels of your business.
Practical Application Uses
  • Fleet maintenance planning and decreased service time
  • Operational reliability and safety
  • Time saving navigation and routing
  • Optimized scheduling
  • Improved vehicle performance and mileage
  • Fleet Distribution, decommissioning, and loss prevention