Multi-national organizations are recognizing the need for high quality, reliable location data to make critical business decisions. Accuracy and quality of international geocoding, data flexibility, and ease of integration are key requirements for organizations using geo spatial intelligence for strategic analysis and competitive insight.
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With the explosive demand for location intelligence it is imperative companies doing business internationally rely on a geocoding solution designed to support global address validation, with comprehensive reference data relating to postal addresses and other geographic points of interest for all 240+ populated countries and territories of the world, compatibility with various platforms and APIs, and the ability to handle time sensitive, big data with ease and precision.

MapLarge offers highly accurate geocoding with complete global coverage. Our high performance, high volume geocoder is designed to meet time sensitive requirements 24 hours a day. Quality geocodes can effectively support business activities such as network planning, market analysis, and transnational organization problem solving.

Geocode enables a latitude-longitude coordinate to be added to any address or other geographic point anywhere in the world.
Each address is standardized, validated and formatted before being assigned corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates.
Create maps with geocodes to provide business insight.
Our Geocoding Process is Simple
  1. Upload your address file to MapLarge
  2. Our server batch geocodes the addresses in your file and returns the results in seconds. Jobs under 100,000 records normally take less than 1 minute.
  3. Our online geocoder will attempt to match addresses to the side of the street. We use advanced name matching techniques to achieve high quality geocode success rates. Results vary by file but expect to achieve accurate geocodes on +/- 90% of your file.
  4. Only pay for records that are geocoded.

There is no obligation to purchase until you decide to download the final geocoded file. You can view the geocode match rate and download a sample of your geocoded data.

Volume Discounts

MapLarge is able to pass on volume discounts from our mapping customers to deliver exceptional pricing on bulk international geocodes. Customers only pay for the records that geocode. You can download a sample of your geocoded data and view the number of international geocoded records before you purchase the geocoded file. We also offer monthly API access solutions, see the Geocoder API reference for additional details.