Utilities are seeing an explosion of growth in data from smart grid technologies and increased sensors in the network. Deriving insights from real time or historical datasets of this size can be challenging. Small interruptions to the network can have major implications. The analyst needs tools to not only view aggregate information but be able to drill into the data and make real time queries.
Analyzing Increasing Data Volumes
Traditional visualization tools are not set up to query and view information at the scales of millions of devices sending streams of data. The MapLarge platform delivers multiple features to support Utility data volumes. Advanced, customizable, analytical tools and powerful spatial technology can be used to manage outages and increase response time, maintain safety and compliance, cut costs, and improve networks. Facilitate collaboration enterprise wide - engineering, the field, and customers can all access and share real time information on their computers, tablets, or smartphones. Integrate MapLarge with your existing information technology infrastructure to enhance necessary problem solving and reliable decision making. Keep your customers happy and your field crews productive with a powerful GIS system designed to harness critical big data flows and provide the information in a functional, easy to use, visual toolbox complete with vibrant multi layered maps, detailed dashboards and reports, and secure data transfer and storage.
Practical Application Uses
  • Conduct data analysis on both internal and external work requests
  • Perform ongoing data maintenance using various GIS visualization tools
  • Create and update tabular data and features such as, manholes, curb inlets, main lines, etc
  • Predict where potential growth and development may occur and where an expansion of utility services may be needed
  • Analyze development trends affecting future demand
  • Reliability analysis and damage assessment
  • Customer service and maintenance planning
  • Space utilization, emergency management, and compliance with state, local, or federal mandates