User friendly, high performance tools power industry solutions throughout the petroleum life cycle and are used to help pinpoint where to drill, how to route extracted resources, and provide overall operational awareness. Manage location-based information, from leases, wells, and pipelines to environmental sites, facilities, and retail outlets using interactive GIS technology with multi-layered analysis and multiple synchronized visualizations.
Mapping Solutions
Oil and gas companies are recognizing the need for high performance mapping and data tools to meet the demands of an ever growing global population and massive resource consumption. Exploration, drilling, production, domestic and international storage and distribution, emergency response, environmental monitoring, and return on investments can all be analyzed with a robust data processing infrastructure and intelligent application of geospatial analytics. MapLarge provides an innovative mapping platform built to support extensive data driven by complex business requirements. A highly efficient environment can be created to support interpretation, identification, evaluation, and optimization solutions for oil and gas companies seeking a competitive edge.
Practical Application Uses
  • Managing and Utilizing Surveillance Data
  • Pipeline Routing and Monitoring
  • Well Planning
  • Production Data
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Vessel Tracking
  • Logistics Management
  • Field Operations
  • Emergency Response
  • Environmental Impact and Monitoring