Provide valuable business insight and drive real-time decision making by effectively managing and utilizing high volume, high velocity data streams. Dynamically query massive data flows in milliseconds to conduct rapid, in-depth analysis of critical information. Generate powerful business metrics and enable forward-looking and predictive analysis with MapLarge's elastic, cloud based geospatial platform for big data analytics and visualization.
Maximize your business intelligence with real time geospatial analytics capable of scaling billions of location events and trillions of historical events in seconds. Produce user friendly, real-time dashboards, alerts, reports, and multilayered maps for detailed analysis, superior project planning, and profitable company improvements and growth. Analysts using MapLarge's geospatial visualization capabilities can instantly visualize and publish for data discovery and model testing on any desktop, mobile or tablet device.
Practical Application Uses
  • Identify customer preferences on a regional basis and stock branch locations accordingly with predictive analytics
  • In-line fraud detection to reduce financial losses caused by stolen credit cards
  • Collect and manage all sales-related detailed data (POS, web, supply chain) for down stream analysis
  • Offload & boost the performance of selected financial analyses to increase satisfaction/retention of key clients
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different social computing channels
  • Reduce fault resolution time
  • Monitor network quality
  • Identify and solve root causes of traffic congestion
  • increase average order size by recommending complementary products based on predictive analysis for cross-selling