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MapLarge Announces Beta Program for DriveInsight a Location Intelligence Mapping Software

(Atlanta, GA - July 16, 2014) - MapLarge, Inc. today announces an open beta program for DriveInsight, a data mapping software product providing location intelligence, analysis and data visualization. DriveInsight accurately simulates and creates an interactive map of drive time and distances relative to existing or proposed site locations. The success of today’s organization is dependent upon agile, flexible and easily-consumed Big Data analytics. DriveInsight provides best-of-breed, high-performance data processing to best deliver current insights and predictive analytics to qualify market dynamics, site performance and site selection.

“Our customers tell us accurately simulating drive times and distances as a visual layer over maps of proprietary market performance data is a cornerstone of competitive site selection,” states Lynwood Bishop, President, MapLarge. “MapLarge provides the dynamic real-time querying and interactive visuals within milliseconds required for timely decision-making.” Fast and accurate driving time estimates are invaluable when researching business expansion, residential and urban growth, sales and marketing contact and distribution, performance in relation to competitor's locations and projected consumer spending. MapLarge developed DriveInsight for users seeking insights regarding customer reach, demographics and location performance amongst their large network of franchise sites. The proven success of this business case has led MapLarge to open a beta program to new enterprise participants. Beta participants are in a unique position to learn about and give feedback on the DriveInsight product while it is being configured and scaled for mass consumption. Participants will provide feedback that helps DriveInsight fit your needs, while gaining valuable tool sets that keeps you a step ahead in your market. For more information about DriveInsight and to request participation in the beta program, please visit

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MapLarge ( is a platform for big data visualization, analytics and publishing. Users can design and create custom maps. Formed in 2009 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, MapLarge has been named by Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) as a 2014 Top 10 Innovative Technology Company. Their fully customizable proprietary platform and ability to create end-to-end integrated solutions for customers is shaping advancements in the world of Big Data, in-memory analytics and streaming data. The company offers interactive analytics, dashboards, charting and mapping software for large datasets as well as high performance geocoding. You can also follow MapLarge at or at