Represent Geometric Shapes with WKT Imported Files

WKT (Well-Known-Text) is a text markup language used as a standard method for
representing geometric shapes. This is a human readable standard that can be used to
easily pass spatial data between applications.

The WKT standard is a text string that allows geography data to be exchanged in textual form. Each geometry type has a well-known text representation from which new shapes can be created or existing shapes can be changed to textual form for display in alphanumeric based systems. Vector geometry objects can be represented on a map using WKT. Spatial reference systems of spatial objects are also supported with the WKT standard. WKT geometries are used throughout the Open Geospatial Consortium specifications and also appear in applications that implement these specifications. Distinct geometric shapes that can be represented:
  • Point, MultiPoint
  • LineString, MultiLineString
  • Polygon, MultiPolygon