Impressive Maps and Analytics with Imported GeoJSON

GeoJSON is an easy to read, open source data interchange format for storing and sharing geographic data structures. GeoJSON is based on the popular JSON format and enables the transfer of spatial data between various applications and programming languages. The .geojson file format was written and is maintained by a group of web developers. While most other GIS standards are maintained by a formal standards organization, the GeoJSON specification is not an OGC specification.

GeoJSON Objects

With the use of objects, GeoJSON is able to represent a feature, a geometry, or a collection of features. Geometry types supported: Point LineString Polygon MultiPoint, MultiLineString MultiPolygon GeometryCollection. A geometry object with additional properties is a feature and a list of features is a collection of features. Import geoJSON files with MapLarge to create stunning maps and dynamic analytics, dashboards, and charts. Large scale datasets load in milliseconds!