MapLarge offers an API to embed interactive maps on your website, blog or news story. Web editors can save months of development time. Installation only requires a few lines of code.

The MapLarge API consists of three components:

User Data or our Curated Data Sets
The MapLarge Geo Processing and Mapping Engine
A JavaScript and Flex API to request map tiles and interactive content

Data Upload

Users can upload both point and polygon data. An example would be a list of customer locations and their revenues. Once uploaded, a user could view zip codes shaded by the customer revenues within each zip code. Administrators can update the data as often as they wish.

Real Time Automated Imports

Data can be added to the system on the fly and viewed instantly, either by users or by automated processes.

Geo Processing and Mapping Engine

The MapLarge API only requires a data set with locations and values. Once uploaded the API can dynamically perform point-in-polygon tests and math functions on the values included within a polygon. The Geo Processor can determine sum, average, minimum and maximum values.

The Mapping Engine will then create the interactive tiles with polygons and points color shaded and sized according to the values requested by the user. Multiple users can each request their own unique queries of the data.

Interactive Tile Request API

The MapLarge API supports tile requests from standard Google Maps, Bing Maps and ESRI Flex implementations. We also support stand alone URL requests for other applications.

Drop In Compatible

It is easy to implement and use our API with your existing solution. Compatiblity with other popular mapping APIs means you can seamlessly switch and get the best imagery and other resources from each system.

URL Request Format

Interactive tiles and data are returned when the MapLarge receives a simple REST query. A typical query will include the tile requested and the layer to display. What follows is a brief explanation of the core functions. Many additional functions are available.